Stay Secure with Card Access Control

Sensitive information or areas, dangerous materials, or customer privacy – whatever your business is protecting, a card access system can help. Card access control lets you restrict entry and keep track of comings and goings, without multiple keys or door codes. You can lock down access to the entire property, building site, or just certain areas, and change settings at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to keys, nowadays it can be as simple is pulling out your mobile phone and you’re in.

Be secure, feel secure 

When only approved staff and visitors can get into your buildings, staff feel safer and more secure – especially if they’re working in isolated areas or staying late. 


Set it up to suit you 

When you set up your system, you pick the access points. Staff members are given their own access cards, set up to suit their roles – for example, front office staff might not have access to storage areas, and only some staff may need after-hours access. 

Maintain free flow of workers 

Your people use their cards every day, scanning them on card readers at key entry points when they arrive and as they move around your buildings. You can also add an extra layer of security at certain points with a keypad and pin. It’s about setting the rules and access points that give you the control you need, without limiting your people’s productivity. 


Easy access – or not 

Log-in to your online portal to revoke access when employees leave the company, and to give contractors, tradespeople, and visitors temporary entry. Every new card is monitored, so you’ll always know who’s on-site. 


Access-control systems are more affordable than ever, so they’re being used by smaller businesses, not just large office buildings with high-security needs. 


Who, where, and when 

Your card-control online portal gives you a record of entries, exits, and movement around your buildings. Even though most staff don’t need constant monitoring, having the information can be invaluable if something happens – like theft, security incidents, or timesheet issues. It can also give you useful knowledge about the way your business works. You get a clear picture of staff and vehicle entry and movement throughout the day, so you can spot opportunities to improve productivity.

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Our Experience Speaks for Itself

We’ve designed, built and maintained security systems for many large and complex organisations across New Zealand, including the Dunedin and Queenstown casinos, which involved card-access control, alarms, a large number of security cameras, and full-time on-site surveillance. Our work with the new Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital involved 200 security cameras and access control for over 600 doors.

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We can provide you with a wide range of security products and services to fit any need, from CCTV, Alarms, and Access Control through to the latest in Home Automation. Our team can do simple one-off installations, or design, install and maintain complex security solutions. See our range below.