Take better care of your patients with our healthcare alert systems. Whether you’re running a care home or hospital, it’s vital that patients can get help when they need it. Our systems are designed to alert nurses, doctors, or other staff as soon as something goes wrong.

Racing to respond

In medicine, delays of just a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Our healthcare alert systems give your patients a way to get immediate help in an emergency, reducing response times and improving care.

Handy buttons, instant alerts

Put call buttons beside beds, in showers, or even on a lanyard around the patient’s neck so that they can call for help in case of a fall, pain, or emergency. You can also link alerts to systems like heart or oxygen monitors, to alert staff if a patient’s condition gets worse.

Letting the right people know

Call buttons are usually linked to the nurses’ station, but that’s not the only option. You can set up your system to trigger a light at the patient’s door, sound an alarm, send a message to a specific mobile phone, or all three. It’s about making sure the right people get the message, right away.

A system to suit your set-up

Nurse call systems are a standard feature in most hospitals, and they’re increasingly popular in aged care homes as well. We can design a system that works for your facility, whether that’s a traditional hospital, retirement village with independent living, or care home with 24/7 nursing care.

Specialist senior care

Caring for the elderly can be quite different from traditional medicine. That’s where our specialist features come in. Our monitoring and alert systems can keep track of patients leaving their rooms, falling over, or having an accident in bed. These features help in cases where patients can’t push a call button or don’t realise that they need to.

Our experience speaks for itself

We’ve designed, built and maintained security systems for many large and complex organisations across New Zealand, including the Dunedin and Queenstown casinos, which involved card-access control, alarms, a large number of security cameras and full-time on-site surveillance. Our work with the new Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital involved 200 security cameras and access control for over 600 doors.