FIBARO is the world’s leading smart home system, delivering unrivalled levels of smart features and home automation. Their complete and fully integrated system combines the complementary FIBARO products into a reliable and easy-to-use unit that turns every home into a FIBARO Smart Home.

FIBARO is an open and extremely flexible system. It already has hundreds of plug-ins and integrations with devices of such manufacturers as: Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Bose, D-Link, Yamaha, Philips or Yale. This gives you the ability to choose and combine products of different brands and constantly explore the endless possibilities of smart home solutions.

We distribute and install FIBARO products across New Zealand

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FIBARO Products we offer

Home Center

The most advanced smart home management unit in the world, connecting and centralising all your FIBARO and partner products

Smart Implant

Connects analog devices to your smart home

Motion censor

Motion, light and temperature censor in noe

Flood sensor

A water leak detector and temperature sensor

Door / Window Sensor

A contact sensor with added temperature measurement

Smart Switches

Make any switch smart and enable remote control


Ultimate control for your lights

RGBW Controller

Let the light transform your home with colour

Roller Shutter

Total control for your blinds, gates, rollers and shutters

Key Fob

The remote control for your smart home

The Button

Manually activate or deactivate any device or activity within your smart home


The gesture control pad

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