Access Card Help

Stuck with your Access?

Here are some common tips and advice you can use to be safe and secure.

Issue – In the event of Disaster.

Q. Any Fire/Flood or Emergency Situation?

A. In this situation please follow all instructions of your building or business emergency procedure. If you are first on the scene call the emergency services and the building manager. Remain calm and assist any one in need of help.

Issue – The door doesn’t open.

Q. Did the reader beep?

A. A long beep indicates an invalid card see the person who issued the card.

Q. Did the LED on the reader change colour?

A. If the LED changed colour and there was a short beep the lock maybe faulty. See the building manager to report the fault.

Q. If the Reader LED did not change colour or the reader did not beep?

A. Your card may be faulty. You may not be permitted to access this door or are you approved to access this door at this time of the day/night/week. You will need to contact the building manager.